Say Cheese

A tempting guilt free indulgence of creamy cheese cake in a variety of blissful flavors packaged in an elegant box.

Founders Story

Our company flourishes by following the principles of its founders. Yvette Klein has a background and experience of twenty years in the weight and health management fields. Based on her knowledge and experience, she came up with an original concept of a portion controlled individual cheesecake that is creamy, delicious, and of a superior quality, taste and presentation. The cake contains about 100 calories per serving, and is made from premium fresh ingredients. Benjamin Birnboim’s work ethics and attention to detail are evident in the quality of our products. He oversees production and assures that each and every cake is produced and handled to perfection.

Our Vision

Ten years ago, we wanted to bring a fine and healthy cheesecake to the world. We needed to change the way people perceived cheesecakes. We began to do just that. Cheesecakes are served on special occasions and are usually purchased at local bakeries or pastry shops. Our vision is beyond these confines. We wanted to create an original premium and healthy cheesecake and make them widely available.

Guilt Free Creations

“Our creamy cheesecakes are made in small batches from the finest and freshest ingredients. Envisioned by our founders, then developed by professional chefs. Our cakes are nutritionally sound, gluten-free, reduced fat, and portion-controlled. They contain as much protein as an average low-fat yogurt, less than half the carbs, and significantly fewer calories.

Good for You

Good For The Environment

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